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Lancaster Fire & Police Dispatch (Non-Emergency) | 716-683-2800
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Welcome to the Twin District Volunteer Fire Company


Twin District strives to maintain a strong relationship with the community we serve. Although we are dedicated to going above and beyond the usual of duty while partaking in community events, we are limited by COVID-19 during these trying times. It is because of this, and after careful consideration, that we are abstaining from partaking in private community events such as birthday parties, parades, and other like events for the foreseeable future.

We view safety as our number one priority and believe that by limiting our participation in these events, risk of potential exposure to our members and others in the community will be minimized. Additionally, due to the great influx of requests, we would regret only being able to participate in some events and not others due to potential limitations derived from the nature of being a volunteer company.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue through these unprecedented times together. We believe actions such as limiting exposure will promote health and allow us to continue to serve you with the best 24/7 fire, rescue, and emergency medical services possible.

Mission Statement

To Strive, with a positive and professional attitude, to protect and enhance the quality of life to the citizens who live, work and visit the Town of Lancaster through a comprehensive program of emergency services directed toward public education, prevention and control in the areas of fire, rescue, medical emergencies, hazardous material incidents and disasters.


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Our Members

We have a very proud team of volunteer members and officers.

Join Us

Join our team and help us protect our community in Lancaster, NY.


We have a large fleet of vehicles preparing us for any emergency situation.

Birthdays & Block Parties

Twin District takes pride in being a part of the community whenever possible. Our Company will gladly accommodate visits to your in-district events, including those such as birthdays and block parties. Contact us to set up a visit.

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In Partnership With:

Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps (LVAC)     Town of Lancaster OEM     Boy Scouts of America     American Heart Association     Girls Scouts     Lancaster Youth Bureau    

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Twin District Volunteer Fire Company
4999 William Street
Post Office Box 406
Lancaster, NY 14086

Phone: 716-681-3118

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