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Application for Membership

“I hereby make application to the Twin District Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., for active membership and agree to be governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Company.”

The Twin District Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. will submit an application for a criminal background check to check for a record of any criminal convictions. If a record of any arson conviction is found, this application must be immediately rejected in accordance with New York State Law. This record is confidential information to the Chief of the Fire Company and Investigation Committee, and will not under any circumstances, be divulged to anyone.

I hereby certify that the above information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. The criminal background check procedure has been explained to me, and I authorize the Fire Company for this check at any time during my background or appointment.

Please download and complete the background check release form when you come in for your interview.

There is also an Application Fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) that is payable when you come in.

Download Background Check Form (PDF)

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